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Environmental Policy

Environmental policy for stationery products Hamelin Brands Ltd

Hamelin Brands Ltd is committed to ensuring that all the material used in its notebooks, pads and envelopes has been sourced with the lowest possible impact on the natural environment. Our ultimate goal is for all of our products to be independently certified by the Paper by Nature Association (ASBL).

What is the Paper by Nature Association?

The Paper by Nature Association promotes environmentally friendly practices in the paper converting industry as well as the responsible use of paper amongst consumers.

Initiated by several key European industrial actors and dedicated to meeting the growing need expressed by consumers for a point of reference with regard to converted paper products, the Paper by Nature Association aims at providing a framework for initiating and maintaining dialogue between different stakeholders; those from industry as well as from the non-profit sector.

The Association has developed the Paper by Nature Eco-label whose objective it is to offer a global reference for European consumers of converted paper products.

Why is this important?
Mankind is faced with the continual challenge of preserving the planet's biodiversity and ensuring the sustainable use of its resources. We must all take an interest in ensuring that our actions are considerate to future generations. Paper by Nature is designed with this in mind; to demonstrate that we are a conscientious industry ready to take the next steps towards a greener future.
Consumers are expecting the paper and paper converting industries, whose activities are dependent on the use of forest and water resources, to limit their environmental impact.

They are demanding clear guarantees and labels that are certified by independent bodies.

This is why Paper by Nature:

- Is compliant with the ISO 14020 standard that sets forth the main guidelines for the development and use of environmental labels and declarations.

- Welcomes exchanges between the industry and various consumer and environmental organisations.

Paper by Nature addresses a global concern for a sustainable environmental conscience, with a standard that is comprehensive, realistic and worthwhile.

More general information can be found on the Paper by Nature website: www.paperbynature.com